Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spoiler-Free DARKEST MERCY Review

Reading Darkest Mercy is like huddling before a roaring fire on a cold, snowy day and listening to an old friend tell a tale.

In this case, the old friend is Melissa Marr, and she's woven a rich, dark and beautiful tapestry in Darkest Mercy (HarperCollins, Feb 22, 2011, $16.99, ages 12 and up), the final volume in the Wicked Lovely Series.

If you love the urban faerie world that Marr created starting with the first book, you will love the way she brings it all together in this volume. Finally, you will learn what happens to Ash, Seth, Keenan, Donia, and Niall. That may seem like too many points of view to handle, but Marr's sure hand never falters as she weaves together threads from all the previous books and interlaces each of the five main characters' stories. How she manages to make you care about all of them, I'll never know.The pacing is perfect, the atmosphere is dramatic, and as always, the writing is gorgeous.

Can't say much about the story without spoiling the plot.  But I can tell you this: War is coming.  Bananach, the Faerie of Discord, is gaining followers, and attacking other faeries.  Can the Summer Queen, the Summer King, the Winter Queen, the Dark King, and Seth, newly-turned fey, find a way to work together to defeat her?


  1. One thing is for sure...her covers are always amazing!

  2. Cant wait for this! I hope she comes to the store again!!

  3. Hi, Lydia! I love the covers too.

    I hope so, Frankie! I'll let you know.

  4. I can't wait for it. I thought there were supposed to be six books, but I'm glad this will be the last one. WL is still my favorite by far. I love Seth. :)

  5. Cool- these are on my list, I will read them... eventually.

  6. Stina, I love Seth too! It rocks that he became a faery himself.

    Hi Katharine! Let me know when you get around to reading them.


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