Monday, May 17, 2021

This Blog is Going Into Hibernation!

 Hi Everyone! 

This blog is going into hibernation for the foreseeable future.

Come find me on Twitter! @JoanneRFritz
I might even be having a giveaway there soon! 

And please check out my website! 

In fact, if you sign up for my occasional newsletter (I've only sent out one so far), I promise not to spam your inbox. The newsletter won't go out more than four times a year.

And some of my newsletters may seem vaguely familiar to longtime readers of this blog. 

Only a little over two weeks until the publication of EVERYWHERE BLUE! 
Coming from Holiday House Books June 1, 2021!

This gorgeous illustration is by Elena Megalos
and the book's designer was Kerry Martin 

My book mentions both polar bears and rainforest creatures.

Please consider donating to Polar Bears International

Or consider donating to the Rainforest Alliance
or the Coalition for Rainforest Nations
(Photo from Pinterest)

See you around the interwebz!