Thursday, January 6, 2011

Second Annual "Predict the Future" Contest!

Welcome to my new followers.  I'm glad you're here.

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Sorry, I meant to post this a few days ago but Blogger failed me in an epic way (it wouldn't let me post a new post!).  Anyway, the ALA Awards for children's literature will be announced on Monday morning, Jan 10, 2011.

These prestigious awards include (among numerous others) the Newbery, the Caldecott and the Printz. Think you know a lot about kidlit?  Did you read a lot of wonderful MG and YA books in 2010?  Are you good at predicting the future?  heh heh

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen and try your hand at guessing which picture book from 2010 will win the Caldecott medal, and/or which 2010 middle grade book will win the Newbery, and/or which 2010 YA book will win the Printz award.  We're talking only about the gold medal winners here, NOT the silver honors.

Will the Newbery be awarded to One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia?

The Dreamer by Pam Munoz Ryan?  The Crossing by Jim Murphy?  Alchemy and Meggy Swann by Karen Cushman?  Or something else?

Will the Printz go to Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King?   Or to Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly? 

Or some book no one has thought of?  Maybe you'll be the one.

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PER CATEGORY.  You don't HAVE to try to guess all three, but you may. In other words, you may guess:

1) one title for Caldecott
2) one title for Newbery
3) one title for Printz

or any combination thereof.

Simply fill in the comment form to tell me your guesses. You don't have to be a follower.  If you don't know anything about picture books, you can still try to predict which book will win a Newbery and/or which book will win a Printz.  Remember that these must be books published in 2010 (and usually by American authors). For the official criteria for each category, visit the ALA's website.  For Newbery, go here.  For Caldecott, go here.  For Printz, go here (you have to scroll down a bit).

This contest is open to residents of the US only (sorry, but after all, these are American awards).  And the prize?  Anyone who correctly guesses any or all of these winners will receive a hardcover copy of the book they guessed correctly, subject to availability (I may have to wait until the bookstore gets in more stock).  And yes, this means there could be more than one winner!  Or there may be none, which means next week I'll have to think of some other giveaway (hmm, I do have too many books to fit on my shelves...)

Hurry, because this contest closes at 11:59 EST pm on Sunday, January 9, 2011.  I'll announce the awards no later than Wed Jan 12, 2011.


  1. Ooo, fun! I love this. Here are my guesses:

    Caldecott: City Dog, Country Frog
    Newberry: One Crazy Summer
    Printz: The Sky is Everywhere

    Wow, that was hard. I'm such a flip-flopper!
    bookwormoakes AT yahoo DOT com

  2. hey Joanne- are the nominations available online, or is this just from all books pubbed in 2010?

  3. I browsed the web and found no lists, so here is what I came up with
    Printz: The Sky is Everywhere

    Newberry: Mockingbird

    Caldecott: Art and Max

    kat.owens at gmail dot com

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Katharine, it looks like you answered your own question. There is no shortlist, the way they do it in Britain, so any book published in 2010 and written by an American seems to be eligible.

    You've all made some great guesses so far!

    Stephanie, I LOVE City Dog, Country Frog. And One Crazy Summer. Hope you're right. I haven't had a chance to read The Sky is Everywhere yet, but it seems a lot of people have read it and loved it. You may be onto something, Stephanie and Katharine. Time will tell.

    And Caroline, Countdown is a good guess for Newbery. It's certainly gotten a lot of buzz. I enjoyed the story itself, more than the historical info.

  5. Joanne, I'm going with my heart when I say I hope the Caldecott goes to
    Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring,
    written by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, and illustrated by Brian Floca. His expressive paintings of the dancers just blows me away. I also love the woodcut illustrations in In the Wild and Muth's watercolors in City Dog ... but oops! I'm only supposed to mention one, right?
    As for the Newbery, I'm hoping it goes to The Dreamer. Ryan has wrought a work of art in this inventive novel that illuminates the mind of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

  6. Thanks, Janice. I have seen Ballet for Martha and agree that it's lovely. However, I'm not familiar with In the Wild -- you mean the one by David Elliott and Holly Meade? I had to look it up because I've never seen it. But you're only allowed one choice, so that's Ballet for Martha, right?

    I agree with you about The Dreamer. That's been my pick since I first read the ARC back in the spring.

  7. It's just about midnight here on Sunday Jan 9, so THIS CONTEST IS NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

    Stay tuned to the ALA's website or facebook site or Twitter feed (@ALAyma)on Monday morning around 10:45 am to find out the winners. Alas, I will be on my way to Baltimore, so I'll catch up in the late afternoon and try to post tomorrow night.


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