Monday, May 21, 2012

On hiatus for the next month (in other words... back to Revision Beach!)

If you've come to this space looking for middle grade or young adult book reviews, or general bookseller observations, or the occasional rare post on writing...  I'll be back in about a month!  I'll miss reading your blogs, but I'm taking Laurie Halse Anderson's advice and staying off the internet to accomplish what I need to accomplish.  I'm determined to finish this latest revision in the never-ending work-in-progress.  And then I'm determined to finally start querying this middle grade novel, which happens to be the first novel I wrote.  And maybe I'll even do some writing on my third novel.  Or is my fourth?

What about you?  Are you writing, revising, or in-between projects?

Back in four weeks or so. In the meantime, I'll leave you with some inspirational photos.


  1. Enjoy revision! I didn't use to enjoy it myself, but now I'd say it's my favorite part--there's magic in watching the 'thing' you've created grow, change, and become so much stronger. I will finish my WIP soon and head to Revision Beach with you.

  2. Hope you have a productive month Joanne.

  3. enjoy your month at the beach!!! this escape is just the thing you need to finish your manuscript and get it out into the world!

  4. I've just finished a revision that ended up lasting 18 months. Now I'm back to drafting.
    I hope you have a productive month!

  5. Enjoy your writing time! I hope you get a lot accomplished! See you in a month!

  6. Good for you! It is great to get focused.

    I've put my blog into syndication so I can accomplish what I need to do as well. :-)

    Have a productive and inspiring time.


  7. I am also revising. Good luck with yours! :o)


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