Sunday, August 21, 2011

Contest winner!

Traffic on Prince Edward Island is never a problem!  

I'm happy to announce the winner of this contest.  With a guess of 2417, the winner is:

Michael G-G

We actually drove 2396 miles, so he came within 21 miles!  That's close!  Michael, expect an email from me shortly asking for your choice of books and your address.

And for anyone who is wondering how the heck we drove to an island, the answer is this:

Confederation Bridge, photo credit 

That's not my photo, unfortunately.  I never got a good one of the bridge itself.  So here's one I took of a license plate. Confederation Bridge was completed in 1997, and since it took four years and over a billion Canadian dollars to build, they're all justifiably proud of it.

It's 13 kilometers long, so it's definitely the longest bridge in Canada, though not in the world.  Still, it's a lot different from when Anne of Green Gables took the ferry to Prince Edward Island!

Congrats to Michael!  And thanks to all who entered. 


  1. That bridge is AWESOME! I totally want to drive it someday. And congrats Michael!

  2. Oh Joanne, what a beautiful road trip! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful pics, stories and reviews. All such beautiful places...


  3. It's a long bridge, Natalie! Takes ten minutes to drive across the Northumberland Strait.

    Hi Katia! Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved your post about your trip to the Italian Alps!

  4. Joanne, I just got in from my own vacation (although we drove only 160 miles, give or take a mile) and saw I had won your contest!

    Yippee!! I'll be replying to your e-mail soon.



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