Friday, December 9, 2011

I Need a Friend Like This...

According to Alex Palmer at Writers Digest, Harper Lee worked as a reservation clerk at Eastern Airlines for eight years, writing only in her spare time (sound familiar?).  

Then a generous friend gave her a Christmas gift equal to a year’s wages.  The condition?  That she would take a year off and write whatever she wanted.  Harper Lee finished the first draft of To Kill A Mockingbird that year.

Imagine, if you will, what the world would be like without that generous gift...  

Wishing book contracts to all my writer friends this winter!


  1. That would be an awesome gift. I hadn't heard that story. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What an awesome gift. This is a great story and very inspiring. Thanks.

  3. Natalie, Kat, and Christine: I'm wishing the same for all of you! We could ALL use a friend like that. At the very least, I wish you plenty of time to write without distractions.

  4. To me, that shows that she was destined to write that book. It's one of my all time favs.

    I like your writerly wish and I wish YOU the same.

  5. Mine too, Kate. I've read it many times and I'm so impressed each time I read it. And thanks!

    Hi Myrna. Glad you liked it.


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