Friday, November 4, 2011

Giveaway reminder and What I've Read So Far: An "I Dig Reading Challenge" update

I'll be back next Friday with a new YA Friday post of an upcoming book by a local author!  But for today, I'm doing something different.

First, a reminder about my TWO ongoing giveaways:

Enter here to win a signed hardcover copy of

Enter here to win a signed hardcover copy of
SECRETS AT SEA by Richard Peck

Now I want to shine a blog spotlight on:

Katharine Owens over at The Insect Collector (isn't that a great title for a blog?) started the I Dig Reading Challenge and I'm here to catch up on the last six (!) months.  (See this post for January through April, books #1 through 43.)  Most of these are ARCs, unless otherwise noted:

Here's what I read in May:
44. Dogsled Dreams -- Terry Lynn Johson (I won the book from Natalie Aguirre)
45. Brimstone Key - Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis
46. Liar Society -- Lisa and Laura Roecker
47. Possession -- Elana Johnson
48. Sharks and Boys -- Kristen Tracy
49. The Friendship Doll -- Kirby Larson
50. The Name of the Star -- Maureen Johnson
51. Second Fiddle -- Rosanne Parry (again, won from Natalie!)

(And for those books, I gave money to Philabundance)

Here's what I read in June:
52. Bigger Than a Breadbox -- Laurel Snyder
53. 8th Grade Super Zero -- Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich (free copy from the author! Thanks, Bemi!)
54. The Summer I Learned to Fly -- Dana Reinhardt
55. The Chronicles of Harris Burdick -- Van Allsburg, etc
56. Relic Master -- Catherine Fisher
57. Juniper Berry -- Kozlowski
58. The Emerald Atlas -- John Stephens

(I gave money to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, for the people in Joplin affected by the devastating tornado)

And in July I read these books:
59. Forever -- Maggie Stiefvater
60. The Centaur's Daughter -- Ellen Jensen Abbott
61. The Help --  Kathryn Stockett (paperback purchased for vacation reading)
62.  a manuscript of a YA novel by one of my CPs
63. City of Lies -- Lian Tanner
64. Cold Kiss -- Amy Garvey

(And I gave money at church to help the people affected by the drought in East Africa)

In August I read:
65. The Elegance of the Hedgehog -- Muriel Barberry (paperback purchased for vacation reading)
66. Supernaturally -- Kiersten White
67. Mostly True Story of Jack -- Kelly Barnhill
68. The Future of Us -- Jay Asher/Carolyn Mackler
69. A Need So Beautiful -- Suzanne Young
70. Everybody Sees the Ants -- A. S. King
71. The Fox Inheritance -- Mary Pearson
72. Bad Taste in Boys -- Carrie Harris
73. 13 Gifts -- Wendy Mass

(And I donated to First Book)

Here's what I read in September:
74. Imaginary Girls -- Nova Ren Suma
75. Secrets at Sea -- Richard Peck
76. The Beginning of After -- Jennifer Castle
77. Starstruck -- Cyn Balog
78. Year Without Autumn -- Liz Kessler
79. The Wave -- Todd Strasser (old paperback)
80. Pie -- Sarah Weeks
81. Island's End -- Padma Venkatraman
82. Impulse -- Ellen Hopkins (paperback I purchased)
83. Goliath -- Scott Westerfeld

(I made a donation to the Sunday Breakfast Mission)

And finally, October's reads:
84. Hound Dog True -- Linda Urban
85. Crossed -- Ally Condie
86. Invisible Inkling -- Emily Jenkins
87. Legend -- Marie Lu
88. The Lost Songs -- Caroline B. Cooney
89. May B -- Caroline Starr Rose
90. Cracked -- K.M. Walton
91. Winterling -- Sarah Prineas
92. Under the Never Sky -- Veronica Rossi
93. Darkfall -- Janice Hardy
94. Liesl & Po -- Lauren Oliver
95. Darth Paper Strikes Back -- Tom Angleberger
96. Variant -- Robison Wells

(And I gave to breast cancer research)

See, I'm still keeping a list (as I've done since 2002) of what books I read.  But now I'm doing some good with that list. If you haven't followed The Insect Collector yet, get on over there.  And join the I Dig Reading Challenge. There's no obligation. You can give as much or as little per book as you want.  Even a dollar per book can help someone.  And you don't have to let anyone know how much you're giving.

I think it's safe to say I'll definitely make my goal of 100 books read in 2011.  Do you have a reading goal? How many books have you read so far this year?


  1. You are a wonder, Joanne. What a great reading challenge. I'm honored to see that #90 was part of this.

  2. Whoa! That's quite a list. I don't keep a list, but I should!

  3. Hi Kate! It must be really cool to see your own book on this list!

    Barbara, you should keep a list. It's great for remembering the title of that book you read six months ago. I started out keeping notes on each book, but that's time-consuming, so I merely jot down the title, author, genre and date I finished reading.

  4. Thanks for the blog love Joanne- we finally have power again (whew!) I am posting on I Dig Reading next week and I'll link to your post. Looks like some great ones!

  5. Thanks, Kat. YAY! So glad you got your power back. Whew! That was a long time.

  6. I don't keep a list of what I've read either. But I do keep a list of what I'd like to read :-) I enjoy reading the list of what you've read, though! I've only read one from your list today (Secrets at Sea), but have 2 or 3 others from it added to my Wish List.

  7. That's a fun list to keep, Kim! And it must keep getting longer all the time.

  8. My reading challenge was a bit smaller, I'm on the GoodReads 50 books / year challenge and I'm on 46. No problem.

    Here's what's crazy, though. At least I thought so. None of my 50 or your 100 match, and we both read a lot of MG and YA books. Although several of yours are on my to read list.

    You've inspired me to create a list when I get to 50 or the end of Dec. I'd happily to a pledge challenge, but I think 50 books is my max.

  9. Danika, that IS crazy! None of them match? Wow. Just shows you how many wonderful books are being published every year. Gives me hope. :)

    I'd love to see your list when you get it organized.


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