Monday, June 6, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday - NOT!

I'm away at a writing conference for a long weekend so I'm taking a blogging break!  If you're looking for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday reviews, so sorry, but you'll need to go elsewhere today:

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday is the brainchild of Shannon Whitney Messenger.  She always has something fun up her sleeve.

Other regulars:
Shannon O'Donnell at Book Dreaming
Myrna Foster at The Night Writer
Sherrie Petersen at Write About Now
Natalie Aguirre at Literary Rambles
Brooke Favero at Somewhere in the Middle
Deb Marshall at Just Deb
Ally Beecher at Kid Lit Frenzy
Barbara Watson at Novel and Nouveau
Anita Laydon Miller at her middle grade blog
Michael G-G at Middle Grade Mafioso
Jessica Lei at her blog

Have fun and I'll be back with something new next week.  I may possibly be featuring a new YA later this week.  Depends on the weather.  Is it shark season yet?


  1. Good for you taking a break when you need to. Hope your writing conference was great.

    FYI I'm interviewing Elana Johnson today and doing a big giveaway to support the debut of her book tomorrow at Literary Rambles. I hope you'll stop by.

  2. Enjoy the conference! And thanks for the link even while you're away.

  3. Thanks for the link! I hope you have a great time!

  4. Have fun at the conference! See you next week!

  5. I'm jealous. A conference sounds brilliant. Have a great time.


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