Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I wonder about at 3 am....

1) When the posted speed limit is 55, why does everyone drive 71 mph?

2) When you hang your towel back on the rack because the little card in the hotel bathroom cheerfully asks you to help save the environment, why does housekeeping change your towel anyway?

3) When the sign clearly states, "Please Do Not Play With Our Toys," why do so many parents allow their children to hug, suck, drool on, and drag the toys across the floor (without, of course, buying them)?

Can someone please explain this to me?



  1. I'm guilty of #1 on I-95, hanging out in the left lane. Except I keep it to 69 mph so that if I get pulled over, at least they can't nab me on the super-bad "over 15 mph above the speed limit" ticket.

    For #2 and #3... I'm with you!


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