Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A week ago today...

It's a new year, and it's also my debut year! 2021 should be a wonderful year. 

But it didn't start out so well, did it?

As everyone knows by now, on Wednesday, January 6th, insurrectionists (i.e. Trump followers who refused to accept the fair and accurate vote count that made Joe Biden our next President) stormed the US Capitol building, where lawmakers were gathered for the usually-ceremonial act of counting the Electoral College votes. This violence ultimately resulted in five deaths and excessive damage. 

Were you glued to the news as I was? 

Normally, I never watch TV news, but from 3 pm to 7 pm, I couldn't tear myself away from CNN, watching with growing horror, sickened that something like this could happen at all in our country. 

And, yes, that day also happened to be my cover reveal day

Obviously, this minor news was soon eclipsed by the raging mob that took over the Capitol for a few hours. We still need answers about why this was allowed to happen, why the Capitol Police were overwhelmed so easily and why it took the National Guard so long to get there and quell the riot. 

I sincerely hope there is no more violence before Biden is sworn in next Wednesday. And especially not during the Inauguration!


  1. I was sorry to hear that was your cover reveal day but was glad someone told me about it later so I could see your awesome cover. You have to enjoy the important moments in your author journey even in these crazy times.

  2. I think you get a do-over for your cover reveal. It's not your fault that the seditious cult chose that day to storm the Capitol.

    I'm a day behind on blogging, so you've probably already heard this. It appears that the mob had inside help. Time to root out all the traitors...

    1. Thanks, Liz! I like the sound of a do-over. And yes, I've heard that about the inside help. Hope someone manages to root out the traitors!

  3. I definitely hope the inauguration goes smoothly this week, and I'm still horrified at what happened on the 6th. Thanks for talking about all this!

    1. Thanks, Completely! Well now we know the inauguration went smoothly! Thank goodness!


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