Friday, July 3, 2020

Pandemic Diary -- Taking a break

I believe this is a spiny Spiderflower. It's a volunteer in our flowerbed.

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to take a break from the blog (and most social media) for the rest of July. And yes, I realize it's a privilege to be able to take a break. There are better people than I am out there continuing to fight against racism, police brutality, and the climate crisis. In addition, as I write this, currently 40 out of 50 US states are experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. Wear a mask, people!

I'll still be keeping the journal in my notebook, but won't be posting about it here. 

Tuesday, June 30 (Day 113):

Delaware's governor, John Carney, announced he was closing the beach bars for the July 4th weekend. Delaware (not far from me) will remain in Phase 2 of reopening. Pennsylvania is in Phase 3, but we're one of those 40 states experiencing a surge, mostly in the Pittsburgh area and in Philadelphia.

“You can’t have a healthy economy unless you first have a healthy community, so let’s do the work we need to do together — not just the governor, not just me but all of us, to make sure we’re wearing these masks, we’re physically distancing, we’re going out, getting tested at one of the COVID-19 testing sites,” New Castle County Executive Matthew Meyer said.

Also today, I went to the dentist. This checkup and cleaning had been put off since February (I had a cold and after that the pandemic started...). It's a lovely feeling to have clean teeth again. Everyone on the staff wore full PPE, which relieved my mind, and I wore a mask right up until I sat in the chair to have my teeth cleaned.

My dental hygenist (who's been cleaning my teeth for at least 15 years) was thrilled to hear about my novel.

Currently reading:

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates (2015, One World, 176 pages)

Written as a letter to the author's 15-year-old son, this National Book Award Winner for nonfiction is a beautifully-rendered account of what it's like growing up Black in America. Gorgeous, somber writing, and an eye-opener for any white reader who may not understand what it's like for young Black men (and women) just to go out of the house, to be prepared for anything they might encounter.

Wednesday, July 1 (Day 114):

A deer got into our Accidental Garden last night and ate the top half off all our tomato plants and pea plants, just after they'd finally grown flowers and were even starting to sprout vegetables! We'd eaten a few tiny peas, but they really needed to grow more.

Thursday, July 2 (Day 115):

My husband added more deer fencing to the garden. Previously, the taller deer fence only covered half of it, and shorter chicken wire had covered the far end, which is probably how the deer managed to get in (and out) of the garden in the middle of Tuesday night. We're hoping this will keep them out for good!

I really felt sorry for my husband. This has been his project more than mine, since the spruce tree blew over in that windstorm April 30th. He was devastated, and it was a lot of work putting up all that fencing. I offered to help but he insisted he could handle it.

COVID-19 World Stats as of July 2 (from WHO):

Confirmed cases: 10,710,005
Confirmed deaths: 517,877

US Stats as of July 3  (from the CDC):

Confirmed cases: 2,732,531
Confirmed deaths: 128,648

The world now has more than half a million deaths from this horrible virus. Stay healthy. Stay safe this holiday weekend!

Have you been tested yet?  And what are you currently reading?


  1. Have a nice blog break. It seems like lots of blogs take a summer vacation. No, I haven't been tested. I'll get tested if I feel like I might have caught it. (I'm staying in and going nowhere, so there's little chance I might have caught it.)

    1. Thanks, Liz! I might check in on your blog occasionally. You do have fun quizzes!

      I haven't been tested either. I never go anywhere, except I really needed to get to the dentist. I'll wait two weeks after that dentist visit to go anywhere else. But they definitely took plenty of precautions. So I'm not worried. Stay safe!

  2. Oh, I feel your deer devastation! My veggie garden is safe because it's on the roof of my garage, but my roses and clematis have been decimated. And they aren't scared by anything: they just turn their heads and stare at us as if to say, "What? I'm eating here, stop bothering me!"
    Have a safe and relaxing summer. Watch some Studio Ghibli movies: they're on Netflix now and they're lovely.

    1. Forgive me, Kim: I laughed out loud at your amusing description of deer staring at you and saying, "What? I'm eating here." Exactly! My husband and I have recently talked about the fact that the deer we encounter during the day seem almost tame now. Glad your veggie patch is on the roof. And thank you for the Netflix suggestion. Have a nice summer.

  3. I hope you enjoy your July break! Between the World and Me sounds like an excellent book. I'm sorry that a deer damaged your new garden! Thank you for the great post—I look forward to your return!

  4. I read The Water Dancer (loved) but not Between the World and Me - yet. It's going on my list. Currently reading Now Then and Every When.

    1. The Water Dancer is on my list, Marcy. I haven't heard of Now Then and Every When, so I'm looking up that one! Thanks. Stay healthy.


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