Friday, November 11, 2016

Positive things to do

I'm taking a blogging break. 

And during this time I'm going to read every diverse MG book I can get my hands on, that I haven't yet read. Because now, more than ever, We Need Diverse Books!*

Reviews when I return.

*I also donated to them today. If you're frustrated or upset about things, please consider doing something positive. Donate to a charity. Volunteer. Hug someone. Read.


  1. Good for you! You may want to participate in the Multicultural Day Event Jan 27, 2017. Sign up and you'll get a free books to review.

    And every two Saturdays, a host of other KidLit bloggers sponsor a Diverse Children's Books Saturday. You can post books you've already reviewed and love, too. Mia, at Pragmatic Mom is involved, as well as Katie


  2. Great advice Joanne! I am trying to give out more smiles, hugs, and random acts of kindness. We need more positives in the world right now for sure.

    Hope your reading is going well!


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